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"These teas are really great. The smell makes my brain explode - in a good way! You can quote me on that - 100%. It's a sip of mindfulness."

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)

Max Wegner / Germany

Stop ordering your tea from the big distributers

I used to believe that tea was a commodity and I could expect the same level of quality from every providers. I've purchased teas online from many different providers including Upton and Teavana.

I can say without hesitation that Living Leaf Tea provides much, much higher quality teas. Small boutique stores like Living Leaf don't have to buy in bulk - they can build relationships with small farmers and select the very best leaves.

I've ordered twice from Living Leaf Tea, paid full price and will continue to do so because the quality is much, much better than any other online store.

Life is too short to drink any tea but the best - give Living Leaf Tea a try, I promise you won't be disappointed.”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)
Kevin Dewalt / Savannah, GA