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The most complex and fragrant of all tea genres. Settle in for an uplifting session and refine your tea brewing skills with our range of High Mountain Oolongs. All processed by Taiwanese masters and grown in nutrient rich Yunnan soil at 2300m.

Customer Reviews

“I've finally tried your oolong teas, they are amazing. I didn't expect such a quality for a Yunnan production, they are on par with the taiwanese good stuff. I tried a jin xuan, tie guan yin and roasted qingxin.”

Verified Review: Oolong tea (Jinxuan, Tie Guanyin and Roasted Qingxin)

Wiliam Osmont / Owner @ Farmer Leaf Tea, Yunnan

“Wow - Congratulations. I tried the Winter Wulong and I'm still drinking it! Very nice. Tomorrow I try the other two teas. Was great meeting again. All the very best on your path.”

Verified Review: Oolong Tea (Qing Xin - Winter Harvest)

San Bao Veith / Oolong Ambassador and Qigong Teacher