A rare opportunity to buy Clean, Delicious, Healthy tea direct from the deepest mountains of Yunnan, China.


Dear friends,

Last week I had the privilege of visiting a very special tea plantation in the mountains of Yunnan to watch them processing their winter wulong tea.
It’s the kind of tea plantation that I have been dreaming of making contact with for years, and finally it’s happened.
These teas have just been made available for public sale. I only have small batches, of these rare, organic teas and am currently offering them at the lowest prices will ever be, including free shipping to anywhere in the world.
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A few reasons this is such an incredible opportunity:

  • the tea is totally organic and clean (which means it’s healthy),
  • the tea plants grow in nature, in an environment of natural biodiversity and nutrient rich soil,
  • the owners are Taiwanese, bring Taiwanese expertise and processing technology and are growing Taiwanese varietals and cultivars in Yunnan, China,
  • they use largely (but not entirely) traditional processing methods,
  • this tea is rare. They produce small batches, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to buy it at all,
  • this is as fresh as it gets. I’m literally watching it being processed, then buying as it comes out of the door,
  • weak trees are not saved (using chemical fertilisers etc.), they are left to die, as nature intended. The trees here are all genetically strong,
  • (importantly) the tea they make is absolutely delicious, with great energy and feels so clean and healthy to consume (in high quantities usually, for long periods of time, when I should probably be working 😉 ),
  • (most importantly) the whole place is run with genuine care and passion, not just for the tea, but the whole environment, the local workers and an overall healthy way of life.

This is the best tea I have ever found, and I want to share it with you.


To get a better idea of where this tea comes from, check these pictures out.
The whole area is totally isolated and protected.

Tea, growing naturally amongst other plant species and wildlife, in clean, nutrient rich soil, without the help of pesticides and chemicals.


The air is clean and fresh, blowing down from the Himalayas. We are closer to Myanmar than any major city.

There’s a natural lake and old growth forest on the property, which are left to develop as they will naturally. The tea trees grow amongst walnut trees, pear trees, wild strawberries and countless other wild grasses and plants.

A small, old growth forest on the property. Protected, left to simply exist as it has for hundreds of years.

There is a lake in the center of the property, with ducks and other wildlife. Everything is and always has been chemical free.

Why am I so excited?

Because I finally have access to incredible, clean, environmental tea at reasonable prices from people I like and trust.

But most importantly, because I now have the opportunity to share this with you.


What teas do we have?

  • White tea (naturally sun dried, the most simple and elegant tea on offer) *COMING SOON*
  • Green tea (made from leaves intended for wulong (Qing Xin), very vibrant and refreshing, not bitter, more complex than normal green teas)
  • Wulong tea (a wide range, the speciality of the plantation. Includes Taiwanese varietals JinXuan, QingXin, SiJiChun and others including Tie Guan Yin, Shui Xian and roasted / aged wulongs)
  • Red tea (aka ‘black’ tea, deep, vibrant, warming and comforting. Delicious winter or morning tea)


How can you get access?

It’s simple: click the button below.


The tea has only just become available for sale to the public. I only have small batches of these rare, organic teas and am currently offering them at the lowest prices will ever be, including free shipping to anywhere in the world.
Just hit the button below and check out the teas I have on offer 🙂


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