Method 3: Gong Fu Tea (The Chinese Art of Brewing High Quality Tea)

Method 3: The ‘Gong Fu tea’ method

Gong Fu tea is the Chinese art of preparing tea with great skill. While it shares the basic principles of ‘Filter tea’, there a lot more steps (both essential and nonessential), a lot more methods to experiments with and interpretations, opinions and experiences to be shared.

Some examples of extra steps include: warming the cups and pots before adding the tea leaves, washing the tea leaves, pouring into a serving cup and then serving into smaller cups and paying a lot more attention to the details like water temperature, water quality, amount of leaves, brewing time, brewing frequency and much more.

Kung Fu Tea is both simple enough for a beginner to pick up and begin experimenting with at home, and deep and complex enough to become the study and obsession of a lifetime.

You will also need some slightly more technical equipment (the french press will be left at the door here!) such as a small clay tea pot, a ‘gaiwan’ (lidded-cup) and a kettle with a good pouring action.

I will prepare a full description and video when I get home to China.

Until then, hit me up with any questions you have – and enjoy experimenting with methods 1 and 2.

Also let me know if you would like help buying equipment to prepare your tea. I’ll gladly make recommendations.

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