Method 1: ‘Leaves In’ (The Fastest & Easiest Way To Brew High Quality Tea)

Method 1: The ‘leaves in’ method

This is the most simple and easy way to make tea. It’s ideal for those times when you’re in a bit of a rush, or you want to keep things simple.

Many of our customers use this method for drinking green tea, particularly while working, or where more elaborate methods are too time-consuming.

Note: This method is often referred to as ‘Grandpa style’. I prefer to describe it as ‘leaves in’, and include ‘bowl tea’ under the umbrella, because the steps are essentially the same, the only difference being the use of a bowl, a cup or any other vessel. Use a cup when you are busy or moving around, and a bowl when you are sitting still or meditating.

For this method, all you need is:

  • Hot water
  • Tea leaves (White, Green or Black work best)
  • A cup or bowl to brew it in and drink it from

When using this method, choose the larger ‘whole’ leaves from the packet first. The leaves will sink before you drink the tea, and you can drink it directly from the cup. There is no need for you to remove the leaves from the tea before you drink it.

If you choose the small, broken, powdery leaves they will float and get in your mouth when drinking.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Add leaves to your cup

Simply take some tea leaves (about half of what you would find in an average tea bag as a starting guide) and add them into your cup or bowl.

It’s best to choose larger or ‘whole’ leaves for this method (avoid the more ‘powdery’ tea in the bottom of the bag) as you will be drinking from the cup with the leaves still in.

Step 2: Add hot water

Pour hot, but not boiling (something in the region of 85 – 98 degrees) water into the cup.

You could pour the water into one concentrated location at the edge of the cup and watch the leaves ‘swirl’.

Tea with leaves floating in the cup

Step 3: Wait… and enjoy your tea!

Now simply wait, and enjoy the tea when the water is cool enough to drink.

(As promised, even fewer steps than brewing tea with milk!)

Note: You can usually get two decent brews from the same cup (just top the water up again when you are finished). A third or fourth steeping is possible, but will result in a weaker tea.

Hot green tea, ready to drink

And that’s it!

The first, and most basic way to prepare our teas.

If the ‘leaves in the cup’ do bother you, or you feel it’s time to level-up your tea making, you’ll love Method 2: The Filter Tea Method

The Filter Method helps you separate the leaves from the tea before drinking and gives more control over the strength of the tea. You can also brew it more times! Check it out here.

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