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Zhengshan Xiaozhong Black Tea (Lapsang Souchong)


Classic Zhengshan Xiaozhong (also known as Lapsang Souchong). A chocolatey, small leaf black tea with a malty body and refreshing mint finish. Beautifully, warming morning or mid afternoon drink.

Individually packed in 5g serving-size pouches for freshness.

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3-Tea Multi-Pack (Roasted Oolong, Oolong + Black)


Purchase three classic Living Leaf Teas together, and save 15%.

  • 50g Roasted Oolong Tea
  • 50g Tie Guanyin Oolong Tea
  • 50g Golden Lily Black Tea
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Anxi Tie Guanyin Oolong (Fujian version, No roast)


“Anxi” Tie Guanyin from Fujian province in China. Much higher quality than most TGY on the market. Totally different flavour profile and freshness. Very vegetal, refreshing and fragrant with buttery and biscuit notes.

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Small Tea Set (1 Person)


A small tea set we put together for one person. Ideal for working alongside your laptop, practising Chinese tea brewing or just getting maximum enjoyment from your tea with minimum clean up and hassle.

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‘Melted Wax Effect’ Heavy Glass Tea Cup


A heavy glass tea cup with melted wax effect. Ideal for drinking alone, or serving guests with a larger teapot. Maintains the heat, captures aroma brilliantly and look really great when they catch the light. Big enough to decant a small Yixing pot or Gaiwan into.

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Gong Mei White Tea


The spring version of our most natural, minimally processed tea – Organic, handmade, sun-dried Gong Mei White Tea. Delicate, light and sweet with a relaxing but stimulating energy.

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Double-Walled Glass Tumbler / Flask with Filter


A double-walled, borosilicate glass flask with filter. Ideal for brewing tea on the go, and even makes great tea at the tea table. A must have item.

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‘Uneven’ Hammered Glass Pitcher (Gong Dao Bei)


Japanese style hammered glass pitcher (aka. Chahai, Gongdao Bei) for pouring tea into smaller Gongfu cups. The design catches the light and enhances the vibrancy of the tea.

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