Living Leaf Customer Reviews

“I bought the Tie Guanyin for my parents who just love it! They make it every morning instead of coffee and are already on my case for more!”

Verified Purchase: Tie Guanyin Oolong (Fujian version)

Anthony Johnson / London, England

“Just smelling the leaves before and after steeping – wonderfully fragrant! It’s a really good tea. Will definitely purchase it again”

Verified Purchase: Qing Xin Oolong

Jasmine Ng / Singapore

“I am not an expert on tea but I know what I like… 🙂 This tea is perfect!! I like it that the taste gets better when you refill for a second time! Just reordered… :)”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack

Bart Van Dam / Netherlands

“Living Leaf Tea has high quality tea! I didn’t know which tea to choose, but Russ explained every kind in detail and recommended me this. I am very happy and love the taste and smell of it! You can trust Living Leaf Tea’s recommendations for sure!”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack

Kathy De Leye / Owner @ Healthy Body Mind, Belgium

“100% organic, barely processed white tea… still full of big, whole leaves. This Gong Mei from Living Leaf Tea has been naturally dried in the sun. Light and refreshing with a slight apple flavour. A perfect summer afternoon tea. …the leaves are just so big and bright green. Looks as if they’ve just been picked!”

Verified Review: Gong Mei White Tea

Sam Holder / London, UK

If Spring was a tea…

It would be this – it makes a very delicate and beautiful liquor. It glistens in the bowl and tastes like the breeze that blows through the trees in late March! I drink this whilst working and incense going – first thing in the morning. It’s equally nice to sit back with in nature and sip. I’m on my 9th steep now!!”

Verified Purchase: Qing Xin Oolong

Will King / London, UK

“Have to say, the purest tea i’ve ever tried! Definitely recommended.”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (White, Oolong, Black)

Jorg Bouman / Amsterdam, Netherlands

“TBH I was a bit skeptical – there are already a ton of online tea companies and I expected the same type of tea I can get at Upton.

I was wrong – these teas are amazing. Russell has done an amazing job sourcing and keeping them fresh. I love the green and black teas and just ordered more. If you love tea give it a shot. I suggest the sample pack as a starter.”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)

Kevin Dewalt / Savannah, GA

“One of the best cups of tea I’ve ever had. I went to A LOT of countries in my navy days, so believe me when I say it is good stuff.”

Verified Purchase: Green Tea (Long Jing #43 Varietal)

Ryan Way / US Navy Veteran

OMG the black tea is DIVINE!

“I can’t believe how clean tasting this tea is! The flavor is seriously out of this world and I love having a cup daily to relax. I’ll buy more when this batch runs out.”

Verified Purchase: ‘Golden Lily’ Black Tea

Sarah Li Cain / OXFORD, NC, USA

“These teas are really great. The smell makes my brain explode – in a good way! You can quote me on that – 100%. It’s a sip of mindfulness.”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)

Max Wegner / Germany

“Oh wow, it is SO fragrant! And these leaves are so big, so whole!”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)

Elizabeth Sellers / Owner @ Rosalilium, UK

“This is superb stuff… drinking it right now. I love the subtle taste and how the green tea isn’t over-powering. It’s very smooth and subtle, with an excellent aroma and provides great energy while I’m getting some work done!”

Verified Purchase: Green Tea (Long Jing #43 Varietal)

Philippe Bourdeau / Canada

“Wow – Congratulations. I tried the Winter Wulong and I’m still drinking it! Very nice. Tomorrow I try the other two teas. Was great meeting again. All the very best on your path.”

Verified Review: Qing Xin Oolong

San Bao Veith / Oolong Ambassador and Qigong Teacher

“The tea was packaged nicely. The box was undamaged despite coming so far. I’m drinking the oolong now – Yum yum! I’m really enjoying it.It took me to a calm place and I’ll be buying more for sure.”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)

Evan Gornik / Bloomington, IN - USA

“I’ve finally tried your oolong teas, they are amazing. I didn’t expect such a quality for a Yunnan production, they are on par with the taiwanese good stuff. I tried a jin xuan, tie guan yin and roasted qingxin.”

Verified Review: Qing Xin Oolong

Wiliam Osmont / Owner @ Farmer Leaf Tea, Yunnan

“Very nice, love it – it’s very refreshing and quite sweet. Me and my girlfriend are both really enjoying the black and green teas. In fact, we’re almost running out of the green already!”

Verified Purchase: 3-Tea Sample Pack (Green, Oolong, Black)

James Robert / UK

“I’m a huge fan of Breakfast teas like Assam and Darjeeling, but I’ve never given Chinese teas a chance before. I picked this up just out of curiosity really but I am blown away. I didn’t expect it to be this fragrant and full of flavour. I think I’m addicted – will have to buy more!”

Verified Purchase: ‘Golden Lily’ Black Tea

Raj Dhokia / Birmingham, UK

“I’ve always been a fan of oolong but this is my favorite. You can really taste the hint of floral, it feels nice and mellow to me. Highly recommended for sure!”

Verified Purchase: Qing Xin Oolong

Liz Froment / Boston, MA