Our Tea

To make it as a Living Leaf tea, every step in production has to be perfect. Our strong plants thrive in a pristine environment where we don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilisers. After harvest, the tea leaves are processed by masters to bring forth something truly special. We judge our finished tea on three traditional criteria: fragrance (香 xiang), feeling (甘 gan), and purity (淳 chun).

There is an old Chinese idiom that says, “Some things can be found only by accident; you can never search for them” (可遇不可求 keyu bu keqiu). When it comes to high-end tea, we’ve been lucky. Since becoming serious about tea, we’ve always found that for which you could not search.

Without any exaggeration, the selection we have at Living Leaf Tea is the peak of all that we have found and, too good to be kept secret and to ourselves, we are honored to be able to share this special tea with you.

If you’re new to tea, you are being spoilt, this is quite an intro! Seasoned tea people, prepare for something new: tea as it is meant to be – savoured and revered, every turn of the journey to your cup.