Our Plantation

Our tea is handpicked by skilled workers, who sing and chat as they work

All of our tea comes from one organic, biodiverse, mountain-top
plantation, which has never been farmed before.

Earlier stages of production have the greatest influence on the final brew. The final steps in processing are important, but the soil, the sun, the mist, the rain (the terroir) affect how the tea tastes at least as much as drying, oxidising and roasting.

The tea plant comes from Yunnan originally. The terroir here is perfect. Our tea is grown on a single biodiverse, mountaintop garden. Clean, cold winds blow in from the Himalayas and fresh spring water irrigates the farm. Before the tea trees were planted, the land was not farmed and the soil is nutrient rich. Parts of the property grow wild and animals and insects are encouraged: we have a pond for ducks and geese, there is an old-growth forest – left untouched for hundreds of years, and our tea plants thrive amongst pear, apple and walnut trees and other wild grasses.

Moreover, none of these ingredients are adulterated. Our tea is 100% chemical free. The purity and raw majesty of these elements comes through in the final brew – you can taste dappled sunlight and morning dew and the fragrance of freshly steeped leaves is mountain-breeze fresh. This is tea as it is meant to be enjoyed.